3 Benefits of Getting Massaged Daily

3 Benefits of Getting Massaged Daily

Most people think that getting a massage is a luxury and that they should only get one once in a blue moon. Well, what if we told you that getting massaged daily was not only beneficial to your health, but also attainable? With the help of our massage oils, you’ll have the tools you need to rejuvenate your skin and release tension and stress that your body carries daily. Practicing self-massage or having a family member or partner massage you every day from the comfort of your own home is a great way to pamper yourself and contribute to your health while also saving a few extra bucks! We are going to share with you our top 3 benefits and ease of a daily self-massage!


Ease stress

Stress can severely impact your health and can cause pressure to build up within your body. Stress can make you feel depleted and sluggish and can cause pain or achiness in your shoulders, neck, back, and head. This is a great opportunity to do some self-massage or ask your partner to massage you in those areas for at least 15 mins every day! Lavender massage oil is the best option to relieve stress and promote relaxation in your body. Starting or ending your day with a massage ensures that your stress isn’t building in your body and that you have a great outlet to help you feel calm and relaxed every day!


Improves circulation

Massages help improve your blood and oxygen flow throughout your body! A great massage tip that you can practice is taking a warm/hot shower to help relax your muscles and then following with a self-massage on your main muscle groups. A pump of Sore Muscle Massage Oil and deeply massaging your quads, calves, arms, shoulders etc. will help your tissue and muscles loosen, which means more blood and oxygen can circulate around your body. Take 20 minutes out of your day to practice massaging your muscles, especially after exercising to reduce soreness and help your muscles relax. Better circulation helps improve your heart health, lungs, and muscles to function properly!


Builds strength and flexibility

Getting a massage daily can also help increase your flexibility and improve posture as well! As we stated earlier, massaging your muscles helps blood and oxygen circulate in your body and help strengthen your muscles. If you exercise often or overwork them, massaging them daily helps them recover and build strength when you work them again. Having your partner massage you or yourself massaging your shoulders, arms, and neck every day will help you become more flexible and improve your posture. 


Practicing self-massage daily in the comfort of your own home allows you to be in a safe space to relax, de-stress, and promote self-healing. Make massaging a priority in your day-to-day life is a great form of self care and helps you learn about your body and what it needs in order to stay healthy! Over time, you’ll be helping your body withstand stress and build up more immunity!

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