Our s tory

Cosmetasa was established by people like you, for you. We understand it isn’t always easy to find time for yourself.
We’ve made it our mission to create accessible, all natural self care products you can trust. Every Cosmetasa product
is crafted with the knowledge of natural ingredients to offer you benefits that nourish your body from the outside-in. 

Our values

Cosmetasa is committed to offering you natural benefits. We set the bar high for each product we create. When you choose
Cosmetasa you can expect only responsibly sourced, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and all natural ingredients. Our products
will never contain artificial additives or harsh chemicals. 

Our mission

At Cosmetasa our mission is to help you live the life you deserve through natural, simple solutions to help you care for your body and your mind.
We are committed to crafting quality, natural products with benefits that nourish your body. We are founded on the principle of helping everyone
and making self care accessible. A percentage of every product sold is donated to charitable organizations helping those in need.