6 Reasons You Need a Massage This Fall

6 Reasons You Need a Massage This Fall

The crisp chill in the air alerts our senses that fall is here. From busy schedules with extra activities and festive events to the holiday rush that accompany the season, we tend to experience higher stress levels and succumb to sensory overload. The whirlwind of it all leaves little time to relax and de-stress, which our bodies need even more during this hectic season.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to slow down and enjoy the festivities without feeling rundown?   

Massage therapy is the best natural and holistic remedy to heal your mind and body in times of stress. It’s more than a simple indulgence because massage care is an essential component of your whole body’s health and wellness that has numerous benefits. We’re going to highlight six reasons why you need a massage this fall.

Stress relief

It’s not a secret that massages are effective for reducing stress naturally, though most individuals don’t recognize the need for one until they’re overstressed. The effect of stress on the mind and body is debilitating and requires intervention before other health problems develop, such as depression, insomnia, and excessive worrying among other issues. Massage care is a beneficial treatment to keep stress at bay while giving your body time to recharge. Studies show that regularly receiving a massage reduces the body’s cortisol levels (stress hormone) and promotes overall wellbeing. This is why it’s a good idea to adjust your self-care routine to include regular massages for stress management. Additionally, you can enhance the effects of massage therapy with Cosmetasa’s Lavender Massage Oil, so you can de-stress and get back to those fun fall activities.

Better sleep quality

Many people suffer from insomnia symptoms that interfere with their daily lives. The hustle and bustle of the fall season can be overwhelming, increasing our need for rest and relaxation. It may seem like there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all of your tasks and get enough sleep, but poor sleep quality invites health risks (obesity, heart disease, and depression). We all need some extra shut-eye to recover from the day’s events. The calming and healing effects of a massage work to relax the body, release tension, and help increase serotonin and melatonin levels that promote a more restful sleep (aromatherapy massages with essential oils are ideal). Naturally, when your mind and body are more relaxed, you’re able to sleep better, without the need for medication.  

Chronic pain management

Those who experience issues with inflammation, muscle tension or spasms, and muscle and joint pain can significantly benefit from regular massages. Massage therapy is a natural painkiller and safer alternative to prescription medications for pain management. Massages relieve pain by physically manipulating the muscle tissue and joints in affected areas to decrease spasms, contractions, and nerve compressions while stimulating stem cells that repair damaged tissue and cells in the body. The addition of our soothing Sore Muscle Massage Oil, will complement your body’s natural healing process and alleviate pain.

Reduce blood pressure

All the stress from running around to prep for the holidays can impact your blood pressure. Managing a healthy blood pressure is essential to cardiovascular health. According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massages can lower blood pressure. Research findings indicate a decrease in heart rate, oxygen consumption, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure following a massage. If you take a moment to catch your breath and give your body a break, you’ll feel better and maintain heart health at the same time, which is a win-win!

Boost immunity

A properly functioning immune system will keep you up and running throughout the season while preventing illness. It’s important to feel your best as you chip away at fall clean-up activities, decorating, and planning holiday get-togethers or travel. A break from all the action is necessary to protect your immune system, especially during the fall since it’s also flu season. One major advantage of massage therapy is that it improves circulation and increases white blood cell activity in the body, boosting the immune response to fight against infection and disease. This is one of the best reasons to take pause and get a massage (because no one wants to be sick during the holidays)!

Increase flexibility

The cooler fall temperatures can cause stiffness in muscles and joints, which affects your range of motion (ROM). Massages promote self-healing by increasing circulation and oxygen flow to muscles and joints, loosening them to release tension and enhance flexibility and posture. This will help relieve sore muscles, prevent injuries, and improve your ROM – which is ideal for engaging in the fall festivities!

So, what are you waiting for? Level up your self-care game with regular massage care and our soothing massage oils for the ultimate relaxation experience so you can truly enjoy the season!                


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