New Year Resolutions to Take Care of Yourself

New Year Resolutions to Take Care of Yourself

The most meaningful new year’s resolution anyone can make is to take care of themselves. Such resolutions are even more meaningful when we actually follow through. The best part is that self-care doesn’t require you to spend money on expensive equipment or other items. Plus, it will restore balance to your life and maintain the harmony between mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling selfish because self-care is necessary. Self-care is fundamental to overall wellbeing, and is often neglected by most people, making it more important than a simple goal, but rather a regular wellness practice. So, why not commit to prioritizing your needs and taking care of yourself in the new year? It’s definitely a resolution that you won’t regret. Read on for three ways to practice good self-care.

Sticking to your self-care resolution

Start each day by asking yourself: what do I need today to feel and do my best? Maybe it’s a quiet day inside, taking a walk, or grabbing your favorite latte from the local café. Whatever it is, set out to make it happen and you’ll feel better going about your daily routine. Small, gradual lifestyle changes will be easier to incorporate into your self-care routine. Some other self-care habits you can add to your daily routine include:

Schedule “you” time every day

Check in with yourself to identify what you’d enjoy devoting more time to every day (meaning maintain a healthy work-life balance, especially if you work remotely). It’s important to nourish your mind and body with positive activities. Some examples are: reading, exercise, meditation, spending time with loved ones, or even starting a garden (which also encourages a healthy diet – win-win). According to researchers, activities that you enjoy increase the chance of success in sticking to a resolution or goal. So, if something doesn’t add value to your life, then maybe it can wait.

Keep a journal

Having a place to record your feelings, concerns, goals, successes, and gratitude is a great way to relieve stress, so these thoughts don’t weigh on your mind. This self-care habit enables you to get in touch with your emotions and move forward with more confidence. Journaling can help you keep things in perspective and improve your outlook on life by reflecting on your day and ideas or things that are important to you.

Reward yourself

Make sure to take time to relax and reward yourself for achievements. After accomplishing a personal goal, or doing well on a project, do something relaxing and enjoyable. Some ideas include: getting a massage, taking a bath, or getting your hair done. Most importantly, give yourself enough time to rest and recharge each day. Taking time to recharge every day will improve your mood and physical wellbeing.

Practicing self-care habits daily will eventually become part of your normal routine. Following through on this resolution to prioritize wellness will help you feel healthier and happier throughout the new year!


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