The Nourishing Benefits of Natural Ingredients in Massage Care

The Nourishing Benefits of Natural Ingredients in Massage Care

 Massage therapy is an ancient natural care remedy with therapeutic effects for your whole body. These effects are enhanced with the use of essential oils in massage care. Essential oils contain pure, natural ingredients with healing properties that nourish the skin and body in many ways (and provide more than just a pleasant scent). If you feel sore, tired, discomfort, anxiety, or lack energy and mental clarity, it might be time to reconsider your self-care regimen.


Massages are a valuable tool to treat these kinds of symptoms and more. The advantages of regular massage therapy with natural products promote complete relaxation by releasing stress and tension to soothe tight muscles and joints which cause pain. There are plenty of natural extract remedies available to relieve all types of physical and emotional distress for whatever ailments that individuals may be dealing with. We’re going to outline the benefits of using various natural ingredients in massage care that can improve your overall well being.        


Naturally Nourishing Treatments   


Some of the common advantages of organic products are that they are eco-friendly, free of harsh chemicals and irritants, and typically don’t cause adverse reactions after use. Treatments with natural ingredients have a number of different therapeutic effects on the skin and body, including: pain relief, relaxation, regeneration, moisturization, anti-inflammatory, improved circulation, detoxifying, energizing, stress and anxiety relief, and sedation.


Cosmetasa massage oils combine natural extracts with quality essential oils for total relaxation and body healing. As the oil absorbs into your skin, it also restores moisture and nourishes dry skin. Here’s a rundown of a few of the natural ingredients in our exclusive products and their benefits:


Arnica extract


Extracts of the arnica flower can increase circulation and positively impact the body’s healing process. It has anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for injuries, swelling, pain relief, sore muscles and joints, and arthritis, in some cases. Our lightweight Sore Muscle Massage Oil formula provides a moisturizing, warming, and soothing remedy for all sorts of aches and pains, without the greasy residue!


Lavender oil


This popular multi-purpose natural remedy is calming, offering complete mind and body relaxation which improves sleep quality. Lavender oil also has other healing benefits, such as: stress relief, anti-anxiety, antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and it soothes the skin. For a good night’s sleep, just follow the pleasant aroma of our Lavender Relaxation Massage Oil and gently drift into dreamland.


Lemon oil


Lemon oil contains antioxidants and curative properties that target the skin, inflammation, cold symptoms, energy levels, circulation, depression, and fatigue. The energizing and regenerating effects of lemon oil can stimulate circulation, and nourish and remove impurities from the skin, improving its appearance by tightening and brightening skin tone. Experience the rejuvenating qualities of this natural ingredient with our non-greasy Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil formula.


Chamomile oil


Rich with powerful antioxidants, the healing elements of chamomile oil include: anti-inflammatory, stress relief, anti-anxiety, allergy relief, calming, pain relief, antibacterial, and it improves skin health. Release the stress and tension from your body with the warm, relaxing and soothing sensation from the natural ingredients in our Hot Cream Massage Gel while relieving sore muscles.        


It’s a good idea to use certain essential oils based on your health needs to boost the overall effects of massage therapy and achieve full-body healing. Modify your self-care routine by incorporating the beneficial treatments of massage and natural ingredients, like soothing massage oils, to nurture your entire body.


So, are you ready for the perfect relaxation experience? Start nourishing your mind and body with Cosmetasa’s unique, all-natural massage oil formulas today!

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